Office Bearers Roles & Responsibilities

Duties of Committees and Office Bearers

Club Committee
  1. Execute and formulate policy and to manage the day to day running of The Club.
  2. Maintain liaison with the Board of Directors of THCC.
  3. Control the finances of The Club.
  4. Determine the number and appoint signatories to manage The Club’s financial affairs.
  5. Hold monthly meetings of the Committee and convene Special meetings as and when required.
  6. Plan and conduct fishing activities.
  7. Ensure regular publicity of The Club’s activities.
  8. Create sub-committees from within The Club committee or by appointment of members deemed necessary to assist with running of The Club.
  9. Arrange sponsorship and fund raising activities.
  10. Promote the sport of fishing and encourage the uptake of new members.
  1. Manage the club’s affairs and allocate tasking and duties within the committee as required.
  2. Manage the club’s business in accordance with the Club Bylaws.
  3. Develop and oversee a strategic plan for the growth and development of the club.
  4. Ensure all activities of the club are conducted in accordance with the Bylaws.
  5. Ensure that safety protocols, risk assessment of all activities, and sportsmanship and ethics procedures follow NSW/sport/fishing best practices.
  6. Chair all meetings unless otherwise delegated.
Vice President
  1. Duties as delegated by the President
  2. Undertake the duties of the President in his/her absence. 
  1. Attend to all financial matters including the preparation of financial reports consistent with the requirements of the THCC.
  2. Arrange the banking and receipting of all monies received.
  3. Keep records and oversee all fund raising activities.
  4. Report to The Club Committee on the financial position of The Club and raise financial matters requiring decisions all Club General Meetings.
  1. Attend to all correspondence relating to The Club, ensuring that all incoming information is directed appropriately and that all correspondence is answered in a timely manner as directed by The Club Committee.
  2. Maintain the register of all members.
  3. Maintain a file of all important historical information and assist the President in the preparation of the Annual Report.
  4. Provide each member with a copy of the current By-Laws on request.
Minutes Secretary
  1. Keep full and accurate minutes of all Club Meetings .
  2. In the absence of the Secretary, carry out all of the Secretaries duties.
  3. Maintain a full and comprehensive membership data base.
Competition Secretary
  1. Responsible for all matters relating to competitions, including keeping up to date all point scores and records.
  2. Assume the role of, or appoint another member to be weigh-in master at all.
Catering Officer
  1. To be responsible for catering needs of Club events.
  2. To assume the role of, or appoint other members to assist with catering requirements as events and social activities are scheduled.
General Committee Position 
  1. To volunteer and assist the Club Committee in all areas of operations of the Club.

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