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Tuross Head Fishing Club is a sub-club of the Tuross Head Country Club and is one of the progressive fishing clubs on the South Coast of New South Wales.

At Tuross, the opportunity exists to fish estuaries, rock, beach, lake and offshore.

It is sad to inform its members that the Committee has decided to postpone this years F.& B. Competition. As the Tuross Fishing Club prides itself in promoting sustainable fishing ideas,
Members feel that the Tuross River system over the past couple of years has seen a decline in fish been caught. Is this due to over fishing or just a natural occurrence, we are not sure.
Currently this area is suffering from severe drought conditions as with the rest of the state. The Tuross River is not receiving its normal fresh water flow , is this effecting fish breeding stocks, we are unsure. Plus the added factor that in the month of our tournament other groups have been holding Fishing Competitions of a catch only program. Has this had a damaging effect on fish stocks, we don’t know, and especially after the holiday season visitors have enjoyed their fishing times.
The Tuross Fishing Club would like to take the most appropriate approach in caring for our river system and take the opportunity to help the river system to recover and hopefully this current drought will brake and see the Tuross River and fish numbers recover.
We hope you will understand and appreciate our decision on this matter as sustainable fishing practices can only ensure good fishing for the future.
Many Thanks

Neil Alexander


Tuross Head Flathead and Bream Tournament