November 2018 Fishing Report

By November 20, 2018fishing reports

NOV 2018

Goblet Blackfish


November is blackfish month, 17 anglers fished comprising of 5 ladies, 1 junior & 11 men. There 65 fish measured in. Measure in was at the Boatshed where everyone had a great time. Again Shannon, Casey & crew looked after us all very well. We will be having the biggest bag which is the most points scored for their entire fish measured in next month.



Mystery fish no. 24 TREVALLY. Which was not won and jackpots to $400 next month



Goblet fish for October Pigfish: was won by Tom Webster 38.5 cm 84.00 points


Goblet: Blackfish:  Vicki Ballard               44.5 cm 100 points


Outside                      Matthew Roberts        Sergeant Baker  48 cm     100.00 points

Lake and Estuary      Bruce Kennedy          Blackfish             42 cm       92.00 points

Rock & Beach           Gav Robinson           Salmon               59 cm        88.00 points



Outside                      Jeanie Dixon            Sergeant Baker   43 cm       87.50 points

Lake and Estuary      Vicki Ballard               Blackfish            44.5 cm  100.00 points

Rock & Beach           Jeanie Dixon            Salmon                46cm        62.00 points




Junior                        Sean Weatherby       D/Flathead           44.5 cm   43.28 points


Turkey……    John Suthern for not putting the lid on blender properly when making burley and getting all over the room in the house



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