THFC "Presentation Night" Special Edition

By November 28, 2017newsletter
                                                                                                      TUROSS HEAD FISHING CLUB 
                                                                                                ANNUAL PRESENTATION NIGHT 2017
Oh what a night; The Club’s Annual “Presentation Night” was held on 18th November, where the theme of the night was “Saturday Night Fever” (Night Fever!!) and the night certainly did not miss a beat.  Everyone got into costume and looked absolutely fabulous, with the atmosphere being electric as we danced the night away to the sounds of the Bee Gees and other disco hits.  Afro wigs dominated the dance  floor, along with shimmering tops, mini dresses and knee high boots. The venue was decorated beautifully (thanks Jeanie and her helpers) and there was plenty to eat and drink.  All round it was a very successful and enjoyable event and we would like to give special thanks to Jeanie and her team all their hard work in bringing this great night together and to Scott and his team for organizing all the trophies.  Good Job all round guys.
John Suthern, took out the most number of Trophies for the evening, winning in the following cateogories:
Largest Species                                        (Flounder 28cm)
     ”         ”                                                  (Mulloway 80cm)
     ”         ”                                                 (Whiting 46.6cm)
November Goblet 2016                            (Blackfish 42.7cm)
March Goblet 2017                                   (Tailor 52cm)
Highest Scoring Inside Fish                      (Whiting 116.49 pts)
Jim & Margaret Davison
      Perpetual Trophy                                (Flathead 434.38 pts)
Sustainable Fishing Award                        (30 Fish)
Stevan Tomin Memorial Trophy –
  (Highest point scoring Tailor)                  (Tailor 74.00 pts)
The Ron Dight Memorial Trophy –
  (Most consistent Bream Fisherman)         (9 Bream)
Peter Dugan, also took home an armful of Trophies, including the Men’s Champion Angler. The other categories he won are as follows:
Champion Angler (Male)                                  (2696.60 pts)
Club Tagging Award
Largest Species                                                 (Bream 43.5cm)
   ”            ”                                                        (Morwong 55cm)
   ”            ”                                                        (Mullet 37cm)
December Goblet 2016                                     (Flathead 63.8cm)
June Goblet 2017                                              (Bream 43.5cm)
Most Variety of Fish                                          (15 Species)
The Most Consistent Fish (Mens)                      (70 fish)
Rachel Kennedy won a number of Trophies, including becoming the Ladies Champion Angler and achieving the Ladies highest number of fish caught for the year.
Champion Angler (Ladies)                                                  (1992.03 pts)
Most Consistent Angler (Ladies)                                           (60 pts)
Highest Points Outside Flathead (Combined)                      (768.11 pts)
The Lorraine Hill Memorial Trophy –
  (Most Consistent Bream Ladies Angler)                              3-way tie
Lucas Brown won the Junior Champion Angler Trophy along with 2 other trophies, sadly he was unable to attend on the night.
Champion Junior Angler                          (218.42 pts)
Junior Encouragement Award
Highest Points Junior Lake and Estuary    (Whiting  85.22 pts)
 Neil Alexander was another of our Members to win multiple Trophies as stated below:
Largest of Species                                                                   (Garfish 28.1 cm)
January Goblet 2017                                                               (Whiting 44 cm)
February Goblet 2017                                                             (Garfish 28.1 cm)
Tim Kovacs was a quiet achiever winning 3 Trophies;
Largest of Species                                                                      (Groper 66 cm)
October Goblet (2016)                                                               (Trout 36.9 cm)
April Goblet (2017)                                                                     (Drummer 35.5 cm)
Vicki Ballard did exceptionally well (considering Vicki only joined our club in June this year) taking out 2 of the Categories;
Largest of Species                                                                     (Pigfish 41.1 cm)
August Goblet (2017)                                                                (Morwong 51.1 cm)
Jeanie Dixon won the newly created “Bravery Award” for saving Gavin Robinson, despite being seriously injured, leading to hospitalization herself.  What a turn up for the books, not often you hear of the damsel in distress rescuing her knight in shining armor !!
Bravery Award
The Ron Dight Memorial Trophy (Ladies most consistent Bream Angler)                  3-way tie
Janet Sinclair managed to win 2 trophies, even though she has been predominantly absent from Tuross since March.
May Goblet 2017                                                                                                        (Snapper   45.5 cm)
The Lorraine Hill Memorial Trophy (Ladies most consistent Bream Angler)              3-way tie
 Gavin Robinson also picked up 2 Trophies
Largest of Species                                                                      (Leatherjacket 46.5 cm)
September Goblet                                                                      (Gurnard  41.6 cm)
Simon Ippoliti presented the Bert Ippoliti Encouragement Award to Tammy Paul
Simon also received a trophy himself for the Highest point Lake and Estuary Flathead at 105.00 pts:
Sally Tomin presented the newly established Trophy –
 “The Steve Tomin Memorial Trophy” in honor of her late husband,who was a prominent Member of our Club.




A fun prize was presented to Chris Tomkins and Sharon Rees,  who won The Best Gnome Picture for our Huskisson weekend away:
Another Huskisson Weekend prize went to Janine Campbell and Carol Kenney for their classic “Dummy Spits” over the weekend:
Harmony-Rose Paul, Blake Paul, Lucas Brown and Sophia Whitehead won the Junior and Sub-junior Encouragement Awards.  Blake Paul also received  a Club Tagging Award for his efforts with sustainable fishing.
Tammy Paul won The Bert Ippoliti Encouragement Award in recognition for the huge task of Catering for all our events.  Tammy works incredible hard ensuring our Club’s catering needs are met; from shopping to cooking to running an efficient catering team.  Come rain or shine, Tammy has never missed catering for us when needed.  A big Thank you goes out to Tammy for such an awesome and delicious effort.
David Rothwell took to the stage to present the Patrons Award, which was received by Matthew Roberts on behalf of his father Merv Roberts. This Award is in recognition of the continued work Merv does in relation to promoting our Club, encouraging and mentoring young members and promoting sustainable fishing among many other things.   Merv, also won a number of other Trophies, which was again received by his son, see results below:
Patrons Award
Highest Point Scoring (Rock & Beach)                  (Blackfish 103.95 pts)
The Annual Keady Blackfish Shield –
  (Highest Scoring Blackfish)                                  (Blackfish 103.95 pts)
The Colin Costin Memorial Trophy –
  (Highest Scoring Salmon)                                    (Salmon 87.14 pts)
The final Trophy of the evening to be presented, was the prestigious Club Person of the Year, which was won by Scott Paul in recognition of his endless work behind the scenes.  Scott is a dedicated Member who works tirelessly to ensure all our Competitions run smoothly; recording results, ensuring grants, procurements, advertising, printing, donations, plus so much more.  Well done Scott for all your hard work and your total commitment to our Club, it is very much appreciated.
Club Person of the Year
Club Tagging Award
Unfortunately some Trophy winners were unable to attend the Presentation Night and they are as follows:
Rod Federer:
Largest of species                                 (Kingfish 115.5 cm)
Highest Scoring Outside Fish                (Kingfish 174.43 pts)
Andy Durler Snapper Trophy –
 (Highest point scoring Snapper)           (Snapper 107.78 pts)
Matt Dugan:
Club Tagging Award
Largest of Species                                   (Trevally 44.5 cm)
July Goblet 2017                                      (Salmon 65 cm)
David Greenhalgh:
Largest of Species                                    (Nannygai  39 cm)
Highest Points Outside Flathead             (Flathead 116.49 pts)
 Bruce Kennedy:
Largest of Species                                    (Drummer 39.2 cm)
Perry Franke:
Largest of Species                                    (Gurnard  46.7 cm)
Pattie Parker:
Largest of Species                                    (Trout  57 cm)
Stacey Garner:
Club Tagging Award
There were no recipients of the Largest Species Tuna or the Junior Largest Outside Fish.
A special Auction was performed for CanAssist, whereby Neil Alexander (a fine specimen of man) auctioned himself as 4 hours of maintenance services, which raised $300 thanks to Rachel Kennedy.
Below are some memories of our Saturday night fever and congratulations to Peter Dugan and Rhonda Kolowski for winning the best fancy dress of the evening.
     Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, people standing and shoes
Such a wonderful evening and yet another successful and thoroughly enjoyable Presentation Night, with great music, great food and great Trophies.  We wish you a happy and prosperous year of fishing and hope to see you at next year’s presentation, whereby you may win one of these stunning Trophies below and join the Club’s Hall of Fame.