The May Goblet Competition Results

By May 18, 2017fishing reports

May was Snapper month. It was also Mother’s Day which may have contributed to a low attendance at the measure-in where only twenty six people attended.

Ten Anglers who took to the water submitted forty four fish for judging in the competition. Of these, there were three ladies, six men and one junior. Nine Snapper were caught and so competition for the Goblet species was intense !!! The winners and grinners are announced below.

Overall, fishing was very slow and hard work over the goblet weekend. There were members out fishing in each of our three categories, however, estuary fishing proved frustrating with no fish of a legal size photographed and entered or submitted for judging.

On that note – photographing of fish. Since we do catch and release many of our fish and also photograph them on the brag mats, can we also get your fishing buddy to take a photo of you holding your fish. Send this photo to the current publicity officer (Mike) at . The goblet fishing results are submitted to local newsprint and their editors prefer to see people holding fish as against people smiling and holding a prize envelope.

Just for interest – A fish first tagged in Tuross Lake by Blake Paul in December twenty fifteen has been recaptured in the same lake. The fish was a Mulloway with  a length of sixty two centimetres and when caught again in January this year it  grown to a length of sixty seven centimetres.  That is four hundred and fourteen days between initial  tagging and the most recent recapture. There is no further information on the most recent angler with this fish.

It is hoped all the mothers in the fishing club had a wonderful Mothers Day.



Goblet:                       Janet Sinclair              Snapper                   45.5cm                               64.44 points



Outside                      Peter Dugan               Morwong                 52cm                                  103.25 points

Lake and Estuary            There were no fish entered for this category

Rock & Beach           Merv Roberts           Blackfish               35cm                                    64.80 points


Outside                      Janet Sinclair              Mowong               50.5cm                                 98.27 points

Lake and Estuary          There were no fish entered for this category

Rock & Beach           Tammy paul                Salmon              62cm                                      58.57 points


Junior                         Blake Paul                   Tailor              39.5cm                                       49.00 points


Turkey                    Janet Sinclair for accidentally walking into a closed security door and receiving facial injuries.

Scott Paul

Competition  Secretary