By November 3, 2017notice
October 2017 GOBLET WEEKEND (Trout):
The Goblet Weekend “Measure In” and BBQ was held on Sunday 22nd October.  As we had daylight saving this month, the “Measure In” time reverted back to Summer time (4pm).  Although all fish were entered by photo, you are still able to bring your fish along to be measured in.
There were 16 anglers out on the water with 6 Ladies, 10 Men (there were no Juniors) who entered 37 fish into the competition.  Unfortunately, none  of them were Trout (Goblet fish), which is a shame as Trout served cold is delicious and was a favorite of Edward VII; he use to hold up the theatre intermission by an hour, in order to indulge in his favorite cold meal, that was brought along to the theatre with him in picnic baskets.
Goblet:                 N/A
Outside:                Chris Tomkins                            S/Flathead               40 cm       (51.88 points)
Lake & Estuary:     Peter Dugan                              Trevally                    44.9 cm    (83.86 points)
Rock & Beach:      Peter Dugan                               Salmon                    58.59 cm (102.25 points)
Outside:                 Rachel Kennedy                         Morwong              48.5 cm (104 points)
Lake & Estuary:      Rachel Kennedy                         D/Flathead            48 cm   (48.75 points)
Rock & Beach:        Rachel Kennedy                         Salmon                 57 cm   (97.50 points)
Junior:                     N/A
Nice Trevally Pete                                            Looks like you had a good day Rachel
  • Awarded to Chris Tomkins, who in order to mark his fish cut of their tails before measuring.