Newsletter – August 2017

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Newsletter August 2017







Our AGM was recently held, which began with a fantastic luncheon thanks to Tammy Paul and her helpers, who did such a great job…..well done.  A special thanks also to Peter Dugan for his awesome lamb on the spit, it just melted in the mouth and well done Mr President for shouting a beer/wine.


As a result of the AGM, the Committee has changed a little and now stands as follows:
  • President:                                 John Suthern
    Vice President:                       Peter Dugan
    Secretary:                                 Bruce Kennedy
    Treasurer:                                Carol Kenney
    Competition Secretary:      Scott Paul
    Catering Officer:                    Tammy Paul
    Social Secretary:                    Jeanie Dixon
    Minutes Secretary:                Pam Alexander
    Publicity Officer:                   Angela D’Arcey
    THFC Wednesday Raffles
    Coordinator:                            Neil Alexander
    THFC Patron:                         David Greenhalgh
    Committee Members:          Max Castle
                                                            Gavin Robinson

    LIFE MEMBERSHIP:     Congratulations to Max Castle for being awarded a “Life Member” of the Fishing Club.  This award is in recognition of all his hard work and dedication, not only to Our Fishing Club, but Max has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of safety , sustainable fishing  (preservation of fish species) plus many more issues relating to the enjoyment of fishing in Tuross and surrounding areas.  Once again Max, we would like to thank you for everything you have done and achieved over the years with us.

    *MEMBERSHIP is now overdue, so please renew at the Country Club ASAP.  There are many benefits associated with being a member, one of which is the great social life within the group; the trips away, the countless get togethers and the monthly Goblets weekends (followed by a free Luncheon for Members).  We have recently picked up some new members, so welcome to our Fishing Club in Tuross and hope you enjoy being a member as much as the rest of us.
    *Our Club has recently joined the recently formed Eurobodalla Recreational Fishing Group.This group is made up of fishing clubs within the Eurobodalla. This provides a greater voice on larger issues that may be of concern. Our representative is Vice President Peter Dugan.
    *Roads and Traffic Authority have a discussion paper out regarding the proposed new bridge at Bateman’s Bay. At the moment the proposal is that both boat ramps north and south of the existing bridge will go. We don’t know where and we don’t know what will be provided at this stage. Currently it is planned to remove the old bridge completely, this will have an impact on river flow and fish habitat. The current pylons are great for attracting fish, acting as  an artificial reef for the famous Mulloway and other species.  Considering we are in a Marine Park, discussion has commenced to determine if all or perhaps some of the pylons can be retained with this issue being referred to Marine Park and Fisheries. Other comments will  to improve land base fishing. Please go on line and fill in the questionnaire. Feel free to provide comment please.
    August 2017 GOBLET WEEKEND (Morwong):
    The Clement August weather was conducive to fishing in all areas, over the Goblet weekend.  Despite the calm seas, fishing was slow, with just 11 anglers having entered fish (4 ladies/7 men).  Out of the 63 fish caught, 14  of them were Morwong (Goblet fish) .

    Very well done to our new member, Vickie Ballard, for catching the Goblet fish this month


    Goblet:                 Vickie Ballard (newcomer)        Morwong             51.5 cm (101.60 points)
    Outside:                Peter Dugan                                 Pigfish                   39.8 cm (89.20 points)
    Lake & Estuary:  John Suthern                               Salmon                  67.7 cm (83.86 points)
    Rock & Beach:     Bruce Kennedy                            Drummer              38.5 cm (48.89 points)
    Outside:                 Vickie Ballard                              Morwong              51.5 cm (101.60 points)
    Lake & Estuary:    Rachel Kennedy                          Bream                   33.0 cm (62.00 points)
    Rock & Beach:       Vickie Ballard                              Salmon                 52.00 cm (61.43 points)
    Junior:                     N/A

    What a beauty, well done Janine Campbell for catching August’s Mystery fish



  • Awarded to Scott Paul for stepping (well tumbling really!!) out of TCC Courtesy Bus and twisting his ankle.  This resulted in a broken ankle and 9 days in hospital……….. we all wish Scott a speedy recovery.
    *At our next monthly BBQ on the 17th September… We will have a guest speaker from Maritime (Richard Hanly) we ask that you please don’t talk while he is addressing members, due to the importance of his information regarding boating/safety/insurance advice. Come along and he will address any questions you may have;
    *Sporting Injury Insurance – There is an opportunity for members to join this insurance scheme. The yearly cost is $4 for adults and $1 for juniors.  As you can expect, this provides minimal coverage due to low price.  Below is the information off the web site:
    You can take out a policy under the scheme to cover your organisation’s registered participants while they’re carrying out authorized sporting activities. Our cover can also be used to complement private health insurance or other forms of player accident insurance. We cover serious injuries, such as permanent loss affecting a participant’s arms, legs, sight,hearing and mental capacity. We dont cover minor injuries, like breaks, sprains, abrasions, cuts and bruises, or dental injuries. If you want insurance against these types of injuries you’ll need to take out your own private insurance.
    *The committee is seeking comments/reply from members regarding this insurance and we look forward to your comments please.
    *Go Fishing Day” for Tuross is the 1st October. Totally free day – no licence required for adults. Flyers will be out soon!  Fishcare volunteers will be attending from various locations to assist. “More Education” is the theme this year. Keep in contact with our Facebook for more information. Book early with our Comp Secretary Scott Paul to ensure you don’t miss out on a goodies bag and to assist with catering numbers.
    *Our Social Secretary Jeanie Dixon has organised a weekend away at Huskisson Beach Holiday Resort on Friday 27th (2pm check-in) and Sat 28th October (10 am check-out Sunday 29th). The Club is making a financial contribution for members to attend and will be providing BBQ meats on the Saturday night (Members please bring a salad or plate to share).  Please contact Jeanie on  0438 388 584 (ASAP, as spaces going fast) to reserve a cabin and to find out more details.
    The Country Club is holding a 60th Birthday Night on 4th November this year. The cost is $45  which include canapes (6pm) a Three course meal and music to dance the night away. Please let Jeanie know if you will be attending and perhaps make up a table of Fisho’s to liven up the party.
  • *Next year NSW Fisheries will be holding a Fishing Workshop in the park above the Boatshed on Wed 18th April 2018 – during school holidays. This was very popular a couple of years ago with a number of children missing out!  Great value for the price, good quality rod and reel provided!  Information is on our notice Board, you will need to book through Fisheries.
    A Reminder that on 14th October (10am) the Tuross Head Country Club will be holding a meeting to ELECT a new BOARD.   John Suthern and Sam from the Fishing Club are put forward as nominees.  We encourage that you vote in this election, for whom you feel would be best suited for these positions.  It would be beneficial to the Fishing Club if we had a couple of our members on the Board,  In saying this, Our Fishing Club is totally NEUTRAL in this matter and makes no attempt to sway your vote, which is solely your decision.
    *New Club brochures have recently been printed and are available in the Country Club foyer. Please take a spare copy for any of your friends who may be interested in joining our wonderful club – keep a
    spare in the car!
    MENU OF THE MONTH: (No specific Goblet fish for Sept)
    Chilli Crab:
    2 medium size Crabs
    1 large onion (chopped)
    1/2 kg ripe tomatoes (chopped)
    1/2 tsp sugar
    1tsp Garlic
    1tbs Soy Sauce
    1 cup Sweet Chilli Sauce
    1 egg (beaten)
    Fry onion until soft, add garlic, sugar  and tomatoes and fry until mixture softened.  add soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce and simmer. Add egg and stir in, Clean crabs and add to sauce for a couple of minutes (when crabs are cooked).  Serve hot with crusty bread.
    Accompanying Wine:
    Reisling; its’ floral and stone fruit characteristics help enhance the flavors of the crab and compliment the chilli.
    NEWSLETTER: Along with a new Publicity Officer, comes a new style of Newsletter.  In order to make our Newsletters more interesting and more frequent, we need the help of our members.  So I urge you to please, please, please and even a pretty please, send in notices and more importantly, photos of yourself with the fish you caught.  The best fishing photos will be published in our Newsletter  (as with Janine Campbell & John Suthern) and will also be sent to media outlets (on a monthly basis) with the possibility of being published in the local newspapers.  We also would love to see the funny fishing photos like Carol’s hilarious experience captured below.  So let’s build up the profile of our great Fishing Club and hopefully attract more wonderful members than we already have.  Thank you for your help in this endeavor.

    Nice days’ fishing by the looks of it John Suthern


    Oops….. what happened there Carol?

    John Suthern
    Angela D’Arcey
    August 22nd 2017