March to June Newsletter

By July 10, 2017newsletter



Hi members,

Another fishing year is coming to a close shortly and the fishing competition is close between members. Our Competition Secretary, Scott Paul, has really got a handle on the scoring program and has been spending a lot of time in that regard.

Scott has also taken on the role of coordinating a tagging program for Flathead in the Tuross River. This is to assist with research and to understand the fish stock better. Unfortunately he has not received many tag card and we need to get a “giddy up” on this please. See Scott for details.

Members should now be aware that Tuross Recreational Fishing Haven is now officially recognised as Trophy Flathead “hotspot”. This is a more formalised volunteer program to promote the release of Flathead 70 cm and over. Some members have been doing this for years. The objective is to now encourage our visitors to Tuross to do the same thing. Signs are expected to be installed at boat ramps towards the end of this year. Small booklets are available. Please advise if you want one to promote this initiative to your friends or other clubs!

An application has been made for a fishing grant to hold a Go Fishing Day again this year following the big response received last year. This will be our second year so we are on a learning curve.  There will be a number of new indicatives this year. We need your assistance to join up new members so your help would be appreciated. Last year the event was one week after school resumed – not convenient for us – I approach Fisheries and we are permitted to hold our event on 2nd October which will be school holidays!  Please make a note of this date and advise friends who are interested in attending and have been thinking about joining the fishing club. If you would like to assist or want further information please contact Scott or myself please.

A  large screen monitor has been purchased to enable fishing point scores to be displayed in the Country Club.  Scott is onto this so have a yarn to him as this initiative sounds great!

Our social secretary is looking for opportunities to go away for a weekend perhaps later this year. More info on this by the next committee.

An updated brochure about our fishing club has been printed. We may be seeking volunteers to drop these in community letter boxes. Further advice to follow.

Neil Alexander has developed a new roster for Wednesday Night. If you are interested in being included or at lease being a reserve please let Neil know.

I understand 18th Nov has been suggested for Presentation Night. This will be confirmed by the new committee but I suggest you make a note of this date. Further info about this night will be provided.

Eden Fishing Club is keen to visit us in November on our goblet weekend. We are waiting for their confirmation. They love coming to Tuross so please make them welcome as he have in the past!

Alternative insurance arrangements are being considered by the committee. The objective is to make members more aware of the insurance issues. More issues being considered by committee.

Arrangements have been made to our local Boating Officer from Maritime to visit us on our AGM meeting. He will be providing safety advice and discuss other issues of interest so please attend. If you are not sure what to carry in your boat here is the opportunity to be advised.

An approach has been made to Fisheries to run another kids workshop in Tuross. Similar to the one run a couple of years ago in the park above the boatshed. Date to be confirmed but most likely March 2108. Some kids missed out last year as too many applied to attend. Our juniors have first option at this event so if interested please let me know.

Three members have just completed Volunteer training to become Fish Care Volunteers. That makes four Volunteers in our Club now! Great stuff! Stay posted on this subject. If interested please contact Regina, Mike, Merv or myself!

Secretary – Max