March Goblet 2017

By April 1, 2017fishing reports

The Goblet was Tailor

Only five anglers measured in fish. This was probably understandable given a very very busy month which encompassed the Flathead and Bream Tournament (with all its setup, administration,meals and the final pull down) followed closely with a club weekend away at Wallaga Lake.  Wallaga Lake was a wet weekend in which the members fished regardless and quite a few contracted colds as a result.

A big thank you from all the attending members to Max Castle and the crew at the wonderful Wallaga Lake tourist park for a great weekend.

The measure-in was held on the deck of the Tuross Boatshed and Cafe in nice sunny and warm weather. Approximately twenty members attended.


Goblet: Tailor             John Suthern              52 cm 74 points


Outside                      Rodney Federer          Snapper          44.0 cm 61.11  points

Lake and Estuary      John Suthern              Tailor               52.0 cm 74.00  points

Rock & Beach           Tim Kovacs                 Salmon            68.5 cm 85.00 points


Outside                      not awarded

Lake and Estuary      not awarded

Rock & Beach           not awarded

Junior             not awarded

Turkey……  John Suthern – Poor John. A series of unfortunate incidents befell him over the Wallage weekend. The batteries on his boat went flat and the engine could not be started as a result requiring a tow back the caravan park. His phone suffered water damage and ceased to function. As a result the awarding of the “Turkey of the month” was unanimous. However,  the Mystery fish (no.21) was also won by John Suthern during the course of the march goblet measure-in.