June Goblet Competition 2017

By June 20, 2017fishing reports

June 2017

Goblet BREAM


The June Goblet Fishing Competition target species is Bream and the competition was held of the weekend of June 16, 17 and 18. The weather during the weekend was excellent with calm seas, clear water and little wind. This meant that catching fish was hard and it was tough offshore, in the estuary and also off rock and beach.

Eight anglers took to the various waters and managed to catch and enter fish, others tried with little success.  Overall there were fifty six fish entered. Those anglers who entered fish comprised of two ladies and six men.

The measure-in was held in very calm and warm weather in the downstairs BBQ area of the Tuross Head Country Club with approximately thirty members and guests in attendance. As usual a well prepared and tasty lunch was served and thanks go to the catering team and contributors.

The July Goblet competition will be held over the weekend of July 6, 7, 8 and the target species is Salmon so drag out your fighting fish rods and reels and have fun. The measure-in will again be at the Tuross Head Country Club venue and starting at 1300 hours (1 pm) on Sunday July 8.


Goblet:                        Bream               Peter Dugan                         43.5 cm                       104 points
















Outside                      Gavin Robinson      leather jacket       46.5 cm          117.04   points











Lake and Estuary      Peter Dugan               Bream             43.5 cm           104.00 points















Peter Dugan here with a nice Snapper caught on the day that turned out to be outclassed by a Leatherjacket.

Rock & Beach            There were no fish submitted for this category.



Outside                     Janet Sinclair           leather jacket             44 cm                     107.78 points













Janet Sinclair with a by-catch juvenile Hammerhead Shark caught on the day and released.


Lake and Estuary      Janet Sinclair              Bream                           39.3 cm                         87.20   points












Rock & Beach           Rachael Kennedy    leather jacket                      36.4 cm                  55.33 points










Junior                    No Juniors competed in this Goblet.

Mystery fish draw drew number three which was bream and won by Janet Sinclair


Turkey…… The prize for inadvertently doing something silly was won by Janine Suthern for eating small painted sinkers thinking they were coated peanuts.


Scott Paul

Competition Secretary