July Goblet Competition – Salmon

By July 13, 2017fishing reports

July  2017


The July 2017 Goblet Trophy Competition was Salmon. The competition was held over the weekend of July 7,8,9 and the weather was sunny and calm with daytime temperatures around sixteen degrees, making fishing quite comfortable. The fishing, however, was quite slow and only nine anglers entered fish although  more had taken to the water and were unsuccessful at catching fish. The six anglers consisted of two lady fishers and seven men fishers.

Between them, they measured fifty five fish. Although the salmon were running only four Salmon were recorded for the weekend. One new club length record was recorded with  Peter Dugan catching a fifty five centimetre Morwong  breaking the existing record which was held by Mathew Roberts with a Morwong at fifty four point one centimetres.

The Mystery fish award was was Tuna it and as no Tuna were caught the prize now has increased its jackpot.




Goblet:                        Salmon                        Matt Dugan                    65 cm                  80 points















Outside                                     Peter Dugan                     Morwong                      55 cm                         113.25 points













Lake and Estuary                Matt Dugan                          Trevally                      44.5 cm                   78.29  points

Rock & Beach                       Matt Dugan                          Salmon                        65 cm                       80       points



Outside                                Janet Sinclair                        Morwong                    48.8cm                      92.60   points

Lake and Estuary            Not awarded

Rock & Beach                   Not awarded



Junior                                  Not awarded


Turkey Award   This is an award for the most obvious error during the competition. Club patron,  David Greenhalgh, was out through Moruya bar for offshore late afternoon fishing  in one hundred metres of water until dark. In darkness they headed past Moruya bar to Tomakin before realising their error and turning around to Moruya.











Remember, there is also a mystery teams event next measure-in and  the club Annual General Meeting.

Club President, John Suthern, took his dog along for the ride whilst trying to catch a Goblet Trophy Salmon, whilst he did not get the largest Salmon he certainly got his dogs attention.















Scott Paul

Competition Secretary