This is an overview of the generic rules that remain unchanged year to year for the Tuross Head Flathead and Bream Tournament. They are provided here for your general information, however they should not be deemed the final rules. Final rules, specific to each year of competition, will be provided to competitors in writing on the Briefing Night prior to each Tournament and discussed in detail at that time.

Please do not assume that these rules listed below form the full and final rules.


  1. Angler Key Tags can be collected from the Boatshed Café from 6:30am onwards each morning (Coffee & Breakfast will be available for sale, at this time). These tags must be produced when measuring a fish at any official station or clearly visible in the photograph on the Fisheries brag mat supplied.
  2. Angler Key Tags must be returned to the Boatshed Café no later than 10 minutes after the close of each day’s competition hours. Failure to do so will result in a 20% penalty per each 30 minutes late.
  3. Fishing competition hours will be 7am–5pm Saturday and 7am–3pm Sunday.
  4. Photographed fish can be verified and recorded on Saturday until 5pm at the Boatshed Café and Sunday until 3pm at the Boatshed Café. Verification will close at 3:45pm sharp on Sunday at the Boatshed.
  5. Any flathead over 70cm and/or any bream over 35cm (FORK) or a Tournamenttagged fish caught must be measured, recorded & verified by a Tournament marshal. Once the fish is landed, call the marshals on [the phone number provided at the briefing]. No fish in this category will be measured 15 minutes after close of fishing. Any Tournament-tagged fish or fish over this size, not sighted and measured by officials, will not be considered eligible.
  6. Fish under these limits should be photographed clearly, showing overall length with Angler Key Tag on the Fisheries brag mat supplied. Flathead are measured to the tip of the tail; bream are measured to the fork of the tail.
  7. The boundaries for this event are the Tuross River and its tributaries. The eastern boundary is as detailed on the map supplied. Fishing outside this boundary will result in disqualification. Official competition measuring stations are boats on the lake, which will come to you once we receive your call. If mobile is not operable, proceed directly to the Boatshed Café, without causing undue stress to the fish. Dead fish will not be considered under any circumstances. Coila Lake is not included in the Tuross River system.
  8. All fish must comply with NSW fishing regulations to be eligible for measuring. Bream are measured to the fork and therefore 23cm and above will be accepted as a legal fish.
  9. Lure and fly fishing only. Bait & burley are NOT permitted. This is a catch & release tournament. All fish must be released in healthy condition to be eligible. It is the angler’s responsibility to ensure the survival of the fish. Again, dead fish are not eligible.
  10. There are three main prize categories. Longest Flathead, Longest Bream and Longest Total Bag (4 fish = 2 flathead & 2 bream).
  11. In the event of a tie for Longest Fish, the fish recorded at the earliest time will be the winner. This will be the time recorded by an official at the time of measuring.
  12. In the event of a tie in the Longest Total Bag category, the person with the highest point scoring single fish will be the winner.
  13. The point scoring system is as follows. 30 points are awarded for a legal fish of either species. Bream are awarded a further 4 points per/cm over 23cm fork length i.e. a 28 cm bream is worth 30 + (5×4) = 50 points. Flathead are awarded a further 1.5 points per/cm over 36cm i.e. a 50cm flathead is awarded 30 + (14×1.5) = 51 points.
  14. A competitor can only enter two fish of each species for biggest bag. These fish can be upgraded throughout the competition, but only the biggest two of each species will count. i.e. If a competitor measures in two flathead 40cm and 45cm on Saturday and then catches a 50cm flathead on Sunday, only the 45cm and 50cm will count towards their point score. Competitors can upgrade as many times as they wish during the competition.
  15. Tuross River system has various speed regulations. Please be aware of these rules and follow them accordingly. Maritime authorities are aware of the Tournament taking place and may be present over the duration of the competition. It is the responsibility of each competitor to hold a valid NSW Recreational Fishing Licence, if required. All NSW Maritime boating regulations must be adhered to.
  16. ALL ENTRANTS must adhere to the new life jacket regulations. Be warned… Maritime officials will be present on the water.
  17. A competitor can only win one prize per section of the competition. If a competitor catches the biggest two bream, they will be awarded 1st place in the bream section, not 1st and 2nd. Both fish are eligible for biggest bag.
  18. The Competition Coordinator’s decision is final. All protests must be lodged to the committee one hour prior to the competition closing. Protests lodged after this will not be considered.

**Entrants must be present at the Tuross Head Country Club official Tournament presentation zone to be eligible to win all lucky angler prizes and raffles, no exceptions.

We look forward to another great fishing weekend in Tuross Head. Happy Fishing!