Fishing Christmas Party 2016

By December 15, 2016newsletter

Our Christmas party was a great success with over sixty people attending and happy participating in the fun and games. The party followed the Flathead Goblet measure-in  starting with lollies per table and a generous serve of prawns per table.  After a sumptuous spit roasted meal cooked by Scott Paul and assisted by John Shaw the fun and games started.

Santa arrived complete with a Mrs Santa and two elves as attendants carrying a swag of presents for the children. Santa gave the presents to the children who were at the party

















The raffles were drawn and the prizes awarded with congratulations to those who chose the prizes.   Then it was chaos as the secret Santa gifts were chosen. Basically people brought a present, to the value of twenty dollars, wrapped and anonymous. Each secret Santa gifter was given a number and as their number was randomly drawn they could choose a wrapped gift. However there was a catch and each gifter had the option to not choose a wrapped gift but instead “steal” a gift that had already been chosen by someone else. Each gift could be stolen a total of three times before it was finally owned. This gift stealing caused great mirth, frustrations and pleasure until eventual permanent owners were established.

The deserts followed the secret Santa gifting and were exceptionally generous in choices, amounts and quality. Then it was time to simply socialise and celebrate the occasion. Rumour has it that some were still celebrating as late as after midnight, however, the clubs publicity officer wouldn’t know for sure as he and his wife were home and in bed by a much earlier hour.

Many thanks much go to our catering officer Tammy Paul, to our social events officer Jeanie Dixon who did the face painting, organised the lollies and generally handled the social aspects. Thanks to those that prepared food and deserts in their own homes to bring and to those who help serve the meals and attend to the clean-up afterwards.

In summary, how long is it to our nest Christmas party ??? This one was a ball.