Exciting events for November, December and Beyond.

By November 17, 2016newsletter

The next few months are quite innovative for Tuross Head fishing club members.

It begins with negotiations that have been completed with Fisheries and the announcement by Niall Blair MLC (Minister for Primary Industries) that along with St Georges Basin, Tuross Lake has been officially declared a Trophy Fishery for Flathead. Tuross Lake has long been noted for producing “monster” Flathead along its shallow banks. Recreational fishing is a favourite activity within NSW and a massive contributor to our economy. It is a $3.4 billion industry and generates 14,000 full time jobs across the state. In fact, it is third (behind Equine sports and Golfing) in recreational activities.

Do note that this recognition comes with a change in bag limits for Flathead. For “flaties” 36 cm and over the bag limit is 10 per day. Only one flathead per day over 70 cm may be kept but fishers are encouraged to release all flathead over 70 cm  as they are breeding females.

In accordance with the “Trophy” status Tuross Fishing Club is also approved for tagging of fish species. Tagging of fish provides valuable information on fish stock numbers, growth rates and sustainability. Competition Secretary, Scott Paul is managing the tagging and is seeking people interested in assisting as we need to start tagging now. – Contact Scott.

December Monthly Competition. The goblet fish is flathead  and the competition runs over Dec 9-10-11 with the measure-in starting at 4.00pm. This will also be the fishing club Christmas party. So please come and take part. Santa will be attending and he would love to give gifts to your children. Please assist us by advising that your child or children are “in” and quietly slipping your chosen and previously independently purchased Santa gift to Santa to present to your child.

For adults, we will again be running a “secret Santa” for attending members les pilules de viagra. For those wishing to be part of the secret Santa, please pre-purchase and wrap your gift. Gifts should be in the region of $10-$15 and of appropriate and useful quality. No rubbish gifts or chocolates please.

It will be a lot of fun so do attend.

Goblets for the First Quarter 2017 –

January 13,14,15 is Whiting

February 10,11, 12 is Garfish.

Australia Day January 26, 2017, The fishing club committee is looking for ideas for a venue that has easier access , has playgrounds, toilets and perhaps BBQ facilities to attract more members to attend as Goat Island has seen attendees dwindling to almost nothing over the years. Ideas please !!!! To any committee member or Jeanie Dixon (Social Officer) or Mike Byron (Publicity Officer).

Flathead and Bream Tournament, Entries are now being accepted for this fabulous event being held on the Canberra Long Weekend March 11 and 12. For the first time both Paypal and credit card options are available as well as the payment options previously available. Do please note a small surcharge will apply for Paypal and Credit card payments.

Rosters for the monthly events as well as our Wednesday Night Raffles will soon be available for helpers and will be given as paper copies as well as being posted online.

WALLAGA LAKE, a great club subsidised social event is being organised for the weekend after the FBT. March 17-20. Its four nights in cabins with estuary, beach and ocean exposure, private boat ramp and the possibility of offshore charter boat fishing. Fourteen cabins have been reserved and vacancies are filling fast. Bruce Kennedy is accepting deposits and its important that if you wish to attend you make contact with Bruce ASAP and pay a booking deposit. Final prices will vary with the number of occupants per cabin, however this social event is being subsidised by the fishing club. Price will include some meals and social activities.