August Newsletter

By August 19, 2016newsletter

The August measure-in is over and that report has been previously published, with a much larger than normal attendance of members. That probably had a bit to do with the fact that the measure-in was closely followed by the Annual General Meeting.

The AGM saw some changes to the committee with John Suthern becoming the Club President (read John’s welcome letter below). The Vice-President is now Bruce Kennedy with Max Castle staying on as Secretary. Carol Kenny agreed to retain her position of Treasurer. Regina Byron remains as the minute secretary.

Scott Paul was nominated for the position of Competition Secretary and he accepted that so he is now our new “ComSec”. His wife Tammy Paul has accepted the position of Catering Manager which now gives the long serving and tireless Janine Campbell a chance to have a rest. The whole club thanks Janine for the years and work she has put into the club.

Janine & David

Janine & David


Mike Byron is now the Publicity Officer and the author of this newsletter. Mike can be reached at anytime on 0438 742 005 or by email on

Jeannie Dixon accepted the position of social officer and she is now the person to talk to about the range of already planned and future social events, outings and away weekends.

Peter Dugan is a new member to both the fishing club and the committee coming to us with a wealth of experience in fishing clubs and the administration of those clubs.

David Rothwell was nominated to become a life member whilst David Greenhaugh remains on as the club patron.

Amongst a number of matters arising from the AGM is the club member’s vote ratifying the measure-in of competition fish caught. That is; that fish be measured by length rather than by weight. This can be done on the competition measure day or by a submitted photograph taken on a DPI measuring mat. Points will be scaled and awarded on the basis of that fish species length.

Another adjustment is to move around the goblet fish so the various goblet fish will be more ready available to catch at as the seasons change

Jeannie Dixon with Flattie

Jeannie Dixon with Flattie

. The September goblet fish will not be a specific nominated species but instead it will be the best scoring fish out of any of the twelve fish species that score points but are not on the the nominated species list.  In other words, Non Goblet species.  Thanks to Steve Starling for bringing to our notice that adjusting the goblet species to the season would result in better of that species by our members.

A full list of fish species that will score points in a club competition is on the club website and once all the goblet dates are written in concrete (detailed planning of social and fishing events are not yet finalised due various venues and dates conflicting. However, it is an exciting year.

Talking about exciting, the Crackenback weekend is filling fast and the vacancies are strictly limited to thirty people. This is a club subsidised weekend so it is very much first in best dressed !

Lastly, if you have a friend or acquaintance who likes fishing, encourage them to join our club.


President’s Message

Welcome to a new year of fishing competition.

Firstly, I would like to thank members for voting me into the presidential role this year. My past couple of years as Competition Secretary have been relatively exciting with the changes to the competition rules from weight to length being a success and adopted with only minor adjustments. We are now prepared for changes that may come in the future, with further pressure on recreational anglers and lockouts in the Sydney areas; we need to be ready for any similar pressure that may be applied the Batemans Marine Park, our fishing grounds. By showing that we are proactive in protecting our fish stocks, while still enjoying our sport, is a good start.

I know the next 12months we share as a fishing club are going to be good, you have a great committee, with some fun new ideas. Max Castle and Scott Paul have taken on running oJohn Suthern 2ur most important event of the year, the Flathead, and Bream Tournament, and I am sure that their experience will turn it into an even better event with new ideas and sponsors. The committee and I will be working hard to ensure this year we source some good trips away for the club members at minimal expe
nse with the first trip planned already at Lake Crackenback in October. Any financial member may attend but make sure you get in quick as accommodation spaces are limited so its first in best dressed. All the details are on the club notice board, our Facebook, and the THCCFC website.

A new initiative for the Wednesday night raffles will see the return of the chocolate wheel, and two new fruit and vegetable platters added to the existing meat and seafood trays. Volunteers are needed at the raffle either to sell tickets, help set up/ pack up or perhaps even jump on the microphone for a night. If you can help, come on up on Wed night and let someone from the committee know that you are available. The raffle is one of the biggest fundraisers for our club, and we would love to see you support it even if you cannot make it every week.

Ours is a great fishing club; I would like to see more anglers taking to the water on our monthly goblet weekends. If you do not have a boat and would like to get out and have a fish, you can send me an email or give me a call. If I cannot take you out, I will try to help you find someone that might.

Hope to see you on the water soon!

John Suthern

Club President