April 2017 Goblet Report.

By April 17, 2017fishing reports

With only two weeks between the March and April goblets and the Easter weekend looming only seven anglers measured-in fish. All were male. No females or juniors had fish to measure-in.

The goblet fish was Drummer which is a new fish for the Goblet competitions and a fish that are not commonly sought. Also, due to heavy seas offshore, there were no Outside fish entered. Over the weekend a total of eighteen fish were caught and entered as a fish in the goblet competition and only one of these fish was a Drummer.


Goblet (Drummer)

Tim Kovacs            Drummer                           35.5cm            42.22 points



Outside        No fish in this category were entered

Lake and Estuary

Ben Alexander                    Bream                   37.0 cm      78.00 points

Rock and Beach

Bruce  Kennedy                 Bream                   37.2 cm        78.80 points










                               No fish entered

Lake and Estuary           No fish entered

Rock and Beach 
            No fish entered

No fish entered.

The mystery fish drawn from the barrel was number twenty nine which was Trevally. There was no Trevally entered so the mystery fish prize jackpots.

The Turkey of the month award

The turkey award went to Scott Paul for running into a clothes line pole that he had finished erecting and as a result gaining himself a very red and swollen eye.


Scott Paul

Competition Secretary